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Update #71

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.7

1-Improved few fort items collisions 2-Improved player sliding while in menu 3-Added Auto save feature (Read more below) 4-Auto save list UI 5-Sort Auto save list based on date 6-Sort Save files list based on date 7-Added HUD toggle feature (Enable/Disable survival HUD) for screenshots 8-HUD toggle UI in Pause Menu / Display

Auto save:

The auto save feature works only in single player, every 2 mins the game will automatically save in a different save file

(Not the same file you loaded)

The auto save will keep over writing it self until the next day, after that it'll create a new auto save file and so on.

The main purpose for the feature is to avoid losing the latest date due to a crash or simply forgetting to save.

I recommend saving a new file right after loading an auto save file.

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