Update #70

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Version: 1.9.6

1-Player's slope limit value changed (testing) 2-Fixed Cant loot resources on full inventory bug 3-Fixed Deleting building parts bug 4-Changed Building upgrade button UI position 5-Rename windows to shutters (Read more below) 6-Updated sandbox's item database (added new items) 7-Improved placing foundation keys UI 8-Un-equip building parts / cancel placing when in menu 9-Remove building parts outline while placing (Read more below)

10-Animals pause (Half a second) after getting hit



-Renaming "Windows" to "Shutters":

After updating the game to 1.9.6; you will probably need to re-learn the windows (Shutters) blueprints again. Sorry!

I plan to redo the whole blueprints system in the future.

-Removed building parts outline:

In update #66 (1.9.2), I added a new feature: Outlining building part while placing in world. After adding that feature I've noticed the game started to crash very often and when I removed it; no more crashes.

If the game does/still crash please let me know!

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