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Update #68

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.4

1-Improved + fixed NPC (Merchant) UI menu 2-Manually looted stones notifications 3-Manually looted wood notifications 4-Improved looted wood thumbnail/icon 5-Improved looted stone thumbnail/icon 6-Improved Sleeping UI 7-Sheep drops 2 meat instead of 1 8-Lowered arrow damage value (-55%) 9-Improved head shot detection (Animals) 10-Head shot deals double damage (Animals) 11-Player loses hunger when asleep 12-Can't cook on full inventory (+ error log) 13-Can't extract seed on full inventory (+ error log) 14-Fixed few Fort items crafting requirements 15-Un-placeable items notification log (Miscs/Electronics) 16-Fixed showing ammo while equipped with a tool 17-Un-equip tools when opening a menu 18-Placing item tips UI (Buildings/Misc/Elec/Fort items) 19-Fixed Floors direction bug (more details below)

Floors direction bug:

Any placed floors after this update wont match the direction of the previously placed floors.

However the bug is fixed for the newly placed floors (even after loading).

If you want to fix the old ones, simply destroy with a hammer and re-place the floors again.

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