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Update #67

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.3

1-Dead animals disappear in 45 seconds (instead of 25) 2-Dead animals disappear after looting 3-Animals muted when killed (bug fix) 4-Increased scrolling speed in Controls menu 5-Permission menu opens & close using the same button 'F1' 6-Guide menu opens & close using the same button 'F2' 7-Destroying Misc items in inventory will give you back resources 8-Improved Blueprint system (fixed few bugs) 9-Tools actions cost stamina (Testing) 10-Spawn points have been hidden (white transparent cylinders in island) 11-Improved Doors meshes scale 12-Improved Stairs meshes scale 13-Add mouse button detection to start (Main menu) 14-Chat "Hide" button removed 15-Un-Equips tools when in Menus 16-Torch can be enabled/disabled 'E'

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