How to update the game

How to download new updates (

There is two ways to update the game:

1-Re-download the game from (Not recommended)

2-Download app from here:

After downloading the app, log-in with your account; it might re-download the game again because its the first time.

After that any update I upload (Push through

it'll be automatically detected, downloaded and installed.

Updates are usually around 3MB to 8MB only so it should be a very quick download every time.

How to know if there is a new update

I post on the following:

1-Website blogs: Ashoregame

2-Sticked topic in : itch/Ashore

3-IndieDB blog: indieDB/Ashore

4-In-game (Main menu) updates window:

You can check the version you're currently playing in the main menu (bottom right):

Another way to check is through the app under the launch button, click on "Check for update"

it'll let you know if its up to date or a newer version is

found / downloading

Hope you're enjoying the game, thanks!