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Update #64

Version: 1.9.0

1-Added new Misc item (Ammo box) :Store bullets 2-Added new Misc item (Safe box) :Store gold 3-Added new items Blueprints 4-Created UI menus for new items 5-Improved Sniper aim 6-Added a spawn (above ground) check 7-Synced Ammo & safe boxes 8-Fixed small blueprints menu bug 9-Reset Life stats to 100% after death 10-Resources re-spawn time increased *2

(takes longer to re-spawn) 11-Improved saving and loading functions 12-Hunger takes longer to go down

13-Improved syncing in Co-op

Few bugs I did not get a chance to work on: 1-Glitched AI (spawning under ground) 2-Ammo in weapons; empty on load 3-Stamina bug And other small things to improve.

Things i'd like to do for the next update: Improve rebel AI abit, add more actions. I'll be testing a few things with the building system and see if I can improve it.

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