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Update #62 + (Menu short-cuts video)

Version: 1.8.8

1-Improved Storage UI 2-Improved Cooking UI 3-Improved Extracting Table UI 4-Improved Inventory functionality 5-Added More key functions to Storage UI 6-Added More key functions to Cooking UI 7-Added More key functions to Extracting Table UI 8-Consumables can be consumed from Storage & Inventory 9-Improved scrolling in all UIs 10-Sleeping in bed restores health + Speeds up time

(1 second = +1 Hour) in single player mode only 11-Reduced bullets price by /2 (NPC-Merchant) 12-Fixed few UI Bugs 13-Improved UI scripts (Better performance) 14-Fixed & Improved few Sound effects settings 15-Very Small changes to Animal spawn settings 16-Fire-pit/Furnaces emit light 17-Fixed Playing sound on pause

I uploaded a video that shows all the shortcuts that you can do in all menus:

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