Update #61

Version: 1.8.7

1-Changed animals spawn settings (More details below) 2-Animals apply less damage 3-Improved animal attacking script 4-Improved Animal syncing 5-Implemented Animals FOV (Field of view check) 6-Improved animals sound Detection 7-Added simple Animal sounds (Wolf/lion/Bear) 8-Added animal movement sound effect 9-Improved Guide UI (Food gathering) 10-Looting Iron bug (More details below) 11-Updated Cooking UI 12-Updated a couple of blueprints 13-Updated Blueprints UI 14-Lowered resources loot value 15-Stamina restore value *2 16-Running sound can be detected by animals & AI

- Animal Spawn:

Wild animals spawn close to the center of the island, so the further you are the lower the chance of facing them.

For example; you wont see bears near the shore (edge of the map) but more likely in the jungle close to the center of the island.

Bears however drop more meat than rabbits and sheep so:

Less danger = Less resources.

- Looting Iron bug (Getting Metal resources):

I have decided to change the way the player gets metal resources; instead of melting iron to get metal, now all you have to do is use the pick-axe on the iron-ore and you'll get metal just like the stone resources.

Keep in-mind that the re-spawn values have changed to the following:

Stone, from 8 seconds to 35

Metal, from 15 seconds to 60

Trees, from 8 seconds to 45

The loot amount was decreased as well.

*all these values can be changed and improved later*

Unfortunately there is 2 very small bugs that I did not get a chance to fix them but it'll be fixed by the next update.

Next Update:

I'll be focusing on the UI functionalities, fixing some issues, improving what is currently in and adding new functions to make it easier and faster.