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Update #54 (New Multiplayer mode)

Version 1.8.0

For the past 6 days I have been very busy creating the new mode (Added in v1.8.0);

Capture the flag:

One flag - Two teams - 5 Minutes.

Each team member will try to capture the flag and deliver it to their base, upon doing so both the player and the team will get a point. The team with the highest number of captured flags will win the game.

-Created a Lobby for the game mode:

Displays each player in the server and their team, number of players, game stats, an option to switch teams and who's ready to start the game.

The game will automatically starts once two or more players are ready.

-Created a new small/simple Map


In each base, the players will have an option to select what ever weapon they want, and they can change it at any time.

-Game stats and Score

To score a point, the player will have to first pick the flag and heads to their base, once close enough a point will be added

Other players can Steal the flag by picking it up while the other player is carrying it or by shooting at him, if a player dies while carrying the flag, the flag will be dropped

The game will announce if the a player picked up/Delivered/Dropped the flag.

-I have also improved and added to the in-game guide 'F2' menu

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