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Update #50 (Survival Ending Part 3/3)

Continuing the previous update;

Check Part 1 / 3 Update here-

Check Part 2 / 3 Update here-

[Version: 1.7.6]

Part 3 / 3:

1-Survival mode end

2-Improved Aim UI

3-Improved Player Aiming

4-Created End screen UI (final game stats)

5-Added end (animated) cut scene

Game end update (Part 3):

So once the boat is fully built, all engine parts are owned and the required resources are packed; the player will be able to loot the boat as an item.

When having the boat item in the inventory the player can end the game by heading to the nearest shore and by aiming at the water (if close enough) you'll get an option to escape the island.

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