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Update #48 (Survival Ending Part 1/3)

Hello everyone!

Right after uploading the last update, I started working on a way to end to the survival mode in all three types

(Single player, co-op & Multiplayer).

I decided to divide this update to 3 parts.

So in-order to end the game, you'll need to escape the island.

To escape the island (So far) there's only one way which is to build a boat, craft an engine and pack few resources.

Take the packed resources, attach the engine to the boat and escape.

[Version: 1.7.4]

Part 1 / 3:

For this update, you'll be able to learn and craft a Workstation

With the workstation you'll be able to access 3 menus:

1-Engine Menu:

Craft 5 parts of an engine using blueprints and aluminum resources, currently the blueprints can be found at the enemy bases.

2-Boat Menu:

Using the boat menu, you'll be able to build the boat's body, there's 7 building stages, each will cost a certain amount of wood and/or metal.

3-Packing Menu:

In this menu, you'll be asked to acquire multiple items from different categories, after doing so you'll get an option to pack all the required items.

As for Part 2 & 3:

Part 2: you'll be able to get aluminum resources from the enemies base and other items such as weapons, bullets and other random (useful) items.

Should also be able to loot the boat or position it on water.


Part 3: Animated scene of player escaping the island & End screen that shows all the stats such as score, how long it took to escape and stuff like that.

That's all for now.


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