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Update #45

Hello everyone, so I managed to get the update up about a week earlier than what I mentioned in the previous update, which is great. I get to start working on the next update from tonight.

Anyways, heres the update details:

Version 1.7.1:

1-Fixed minor bugs -NPC menu -Some objects dont collide -No collision on metal fence

-Shotgun reloading issue & Other small bugs

2-Improved few UI menus -Main menu (buttons) -Pause menu (buttons & sliders) -Inventory menu (buttons & sort)

3-Improved few audio clips quality -Falling tree -Pistol-Suppressor firing

4-Pressing 'ESC' (in 24 menus) Exit/Close *inventory ESC function will be in the next update*

5-Fixed few Blueprints descriptions

6-Created and added new Miscellaneous items

-Metal Windows

7-Created and added new Fortification items

-Short Metal Barrier/Fence

-Long Metal Barrier/Fence

-Metal Wall/Fence

-Metall Wall w/window

8-Created and added new Building parts items

-Metal Roof Side

-Metal Roof Mid

-Metal Roof Corner

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