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Update #40 [Enemy AI v1.0]

Version 1.6.6:

1-Added Rebels in Single-player mode

Rebels [Enemy AI v1]:

-Created 12 Actions (Idle,Patrol,Investigate,Chase,...etc)

-Created Rebels Manager (Spawns, culls, other tasks)

-Added 2 Layers of animations (19 animation clips)

-Added upper-body IK

-Full body collision detection



-Field of view is currently disabled (will be enabled on AI v1.1)

2-Chopper [Rebels Drop off] 3-Added Audio clips ( Rebels + Chopper ) 4-Added sound radius to weapons 5-Rebels and animals detect firing sounds 6-Rebels and wild animals interactions 7-Fixed weapons sound effect volumes 8-Unlimited arrows issue fixed 9-Fixed bases windows functionality 10-Added And Enabled items in bases 11-Animals Detect Rebels 12-Rebels bases UI on map 13-Rebels/Animals can detect Arrow collision (If near)

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