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Update #22

1-Added new button for in-game guide [F2] 2-Added Guide UI 3-Improved NPC UI 4-Improved Animations (3PS) 5-Improved IK (3PS) 6-Improved player animator 7-Fixed bow/arrow bugs 8-Improved sleeping Function & UI 9-Added new models for AI (Rebels) 10-Replaced and improved NPC (merchant) model 11-Created a website for managing some game data 12-Created second website for updates/community/bug reports/contact 13-Created updates UI in main-menu 14-Linked updates to online server 15-Added Enemy's vehicle 16-Fixed a big number of errors/bugs/glitches after 2 game testing sessions 17-Added a new UI menu (Buildings) 18-Fixed saving/loading Terrain data 19-Fixed loading player's data 20-Release date (In a week or two from today)

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